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90 Miles Weekend


Discover the ebullient Havana in this 4 days trip. Meet members of the Classic Car Club of Cuba, walk in Old Havana UNESCO World Heritage Site, learn about the live of Ernest Hemingway in Cuba and enjoy a delicious "ropa vieja" in one of the best restaurants in the city. MORE DETAILS

Soul of Havana


Visit the trendy city on the spots. Obama, Rolling Stones, Vin Diesel... and you are next. Enjoy walking in Paseo del Prado where Chanel run his fashion show. Discover the art of Jose Fuster, the Picasso of the Caribbean and wrap your trip with a Fiesta Cubana in Viñales... MORE DETAILS

Travel to Cuba - General Information

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In Touch Travel Services has been licensed by The U.S. Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) authorizing us to organize and operate People to People programs to Cuba.

All programs under this license include a full-time schedule of educational exchange activities designed to promote meaningful interactions between Americans and Cubans. People to people travel is not tourist-oriented or self-directed but is a great experience to get in touch with real people, living how they live, visiting a wide scope of organizations, institutions, and community projects that provide a better understanding of the Cuban people. 

A few years ago the US Government implemented people-to-people educational travel, an initiative that allows Americans to travel to Cuba, using a specific license, issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s OFAC. Today it is possible to travel legally to Cuba under 12 categories of general licenses. In order to comply with OFAC rules for visiting Cuba, travelers should keep a travel journal as a record of the trip. This journal will serve as proof that you have traveled to Cuba for educational purposes and should be kept for a period of five years as proof of the educational nature of your trip. 

Yes, group people-to-people tours to Cuba are still authorized!

Legal Travel to Cuba for Americans.                       Explore Cuba Tours

President Donald Trump has announced new regulations for the Cuba Travel Policy. Tourism is still forbidden in Cuba but you can still travel as part of one of our tours designed to enhance the contact with the Cuban people on an educational trip that will result in meaningful interaction between the travelers and individuals in Cuba. PLEASE READ THE FAQs FROM US DEPARTMENT OF TREASURE

There are 90 miles between U.S. and Cuba. Now you can get in touch with the people of Cuba and their culture through our cultural and educational programs. Cuba is on the rise after our two countries decided to reestablish diplomatic relations.  

Discover the way President Obama met the people of Cuba; the spots visited by celebrities like Beyonce, Kate Perry, Vin Diesel and get a revival of the days the American writer Ernest Hemingway lived in Cuba.  You don't need to be a superstar or a politician to visit Cuba legally. 

Join us in this journey to the biggest island of the Caribbean, where Cubans will present us with the best of their culture, history and the roots that make us so different, yet so close. 

Since our people to people exchange programs have been licensed by the OFAC Department of Treasury, you will come as our guest where all participants will have a full-time schedule of educational activities that will result in meaningful interaction between the travelers and individuals in Cuba.

Come with us as part of the bridge between our two countries: it's time to get in touch with Cuba. 



About us

In Touch Travel was founded in 2012 in Hartford, CT by Elme Castillo who is actually the president and one of the tour directors of the company.

We have been licensed by OFAC Department of Treasury to organize trips to Cuba under the people to people program and we have brought lot of Americans to visit the big island during 4 years. Our Cuban tour leaders, expertise, relations and contacts in Cuba make us an unrivaled tour company to count on when planning your trip.

In 2016 we have opened our new office in Miami where you are welcome to visit us.

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